Rates and Registering


We'll be staying at Camp Tamaracouta, 499 Tamaracouta road, Mille Isles, Quebec (a bit over an hour from Montreal.)

There are 7 cabins that sleep 8 and cost $123.04 ($108 plus tax) Canadian per night ($723.23 for 6 nights). That's $15.38 per person per night if the cabin is full, more per person if it isn't.

Cabins one through seven have 3 bunk beds (sleeps six) in the main room and 1 bunk (sleeps 2) in a small room.

In each cabin (1-7) there is a dry sink (a drain but no running water); many electrical outlets; a fuse box; an electric cooktop (4 burners); a folding table and chairs. You need to provide all the linens (sheets, towels, dishclothes, etc.) as well as the dishes, pots, etc. There is no refrigerator so you will need a cooler for your food. The camp has said they can get ice for us so that we don't have to leave the site to buy it. I don't know what the cost will be for that.

The 8th cabin costs $1090.26 for 6 nights, that's $20.19 per person per night if the cabin is full ($121.14 per person for 6 nights). It has 9 beds, 1 bunk (sleeps 2) in one room, 3 bunks and 1 cot (sleeps 7) in the main room. There is a fridge, a kitchen sink with running water, a stove with an oven, and a full bathroom. This cabin has been renovated so that it accommodates wheelchairs, thus all the things the other cabins don't have. We (Debbie, Idzie, and Emilie) have rented the 8th cabin and are sharing it with young adults for $121.14 per person for the six nights we will be there.  As of June 3rd there are still two spots left in the cabin.

For camping I'm sorry to say that the cost is almost as much as a cabin at $14.24 ($12.50 plus tax)per person per night , that's $85.44 per person for 6 nights for everyone 6 years-old and up (children 5 years old an younger are free). 

For those of you camping, I will be collecting the money and paying Tamaracouta. You can pay me via Paypal. If you don't have Paypal you may be able to do a bank transfer (I will be checking to see if it can be done by people with U.S. bank accounts). For those of you renting a cabin, please contact me at debathome58@yahoo.com and I will send you the payment info.

Since it is now only 3 weeks until SMUG , I cannot guarantee the availability of any cabins not already paid in full, but if you would like to come to SMUG, please contact me (Debbie debathome58@yahoo.com) right up until June 22nd and I will see if there are still cabins available and you can pay in full (rather than two payments like we had before June) to rent them.  There are still spots left for campers, so please contact me to register if you want to join us and camp at Tamaracouta. 

Please register in the Yahoo group database SMUG Attendees 2011 if you're coming, and if you're looking to share a cabin, please register in the Cabin Sharing 2011 database.  You can also find people to share your cabin with by posting a message on the Yahoo group, or by sending me (Idzie Desmarais) a message on Facebook, which I can then forward to everyone on the SMUG event on Facebook.