Info for 2012 can be found at the SMUGYahoo group.

There are 7 cabins that sleep 8 and cost $123.04 ($108 plus tax) Canadian per night ($723.23 for 6 nights). That's $15.38 per person per night if the cabin is full, more per person if it isn't.

All cabins have 3 bunk beds (sleeps six) in the main room and 1 bunk (sleeps 2) in a small room.

In each cabin (1-7) there is a dry sink (a drain but no running water); many electrical outlets; a fuse box (for anyone who stayed in the lodge at Oka last year, you know how much having our own fuse boxes means!); an electric cooktop (4 burners); a folding table and chairs. You need to provide all the linens (sheets, towels, dishclothes, etc.) as well as the dishes, pots, etc. There is no refrigerator so you will need a cooler for your food. The camp has said they can get ice for us so that we don't have to leave the site to buy it. I don't know what the cost will be for that.

Here are some photos from cabin #6 and #7:


There are also campsites beautiful campsites.  It is a group campsite with a central fire pit. You will need to have a BBQ or camp stove to cook on, along with all your other camping gear.

There is a main building with showers and toilets (the cabins are right near the main building), plus there are toilets in  some of the other buildings on the site. There are hours when we cannot use the showers and they will be posted when we arrive. There are locations throughout  the campsite where you can get water, and you will also be able to get water in cabin #8.  There's also a building filled entirely with fridges that we're free to use, so we won't need coolers! 

Tamaracouta is on 1000 acres of land, much of it wilderness, with several hiking trails, a small lake to swim in.